After Hours Procedure

If your arrival will be outside of office hours, please follow the procedure outlined below:

  • We will text you an access code on the day of your arrival once the office is closed.  For arrivals on Sunday, we will text you by 4pm on Saturday.
  • PRESS the access code into the Lock Box Key Pad to open the Lockbox.
  • The grey Lock Box is located on the right wall at our foyer’s front doors.
  •  An envelope with your surname will be visible.
  • The envelope contains electronic entry cards and arrival information. Your carpark is the same number as your room, your room key will also access the carpark and the lift.


  • If any issues before gaining entry, please dial 99# at the Intercom Panel or dial from your mobile  07 5599 0666 or 0483185048
  • If any issues once you enter the apartment, please dial 9 from your apartment phone.
  • Please VISIT RECEPTION the following working day to receive SECOND CARD and register arrival.